Deluxe TempFence Temporary Fencing

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Add an outfield fence or shorten the field with this easy-to-set-up temporary fence system.

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Give your outfield a durable, flexible temp fence that is easy to roll up after use thanks to its soft, knitted-polyester design. Its furniture-grade PVC poles safely bend up to 90 degrees on impact. The bright yellow color of the fence clearly designates home run distance. 

Easy Versatility

If you have an area that serves as a dual purpose field, such as softball during the spring and football during the fall, then this is the perfect fence option for you. The different lengths are measured out for distances for little league and adult baseball and softball. It can even be used for crowd control during large events, such as outdoor fundraisers.

Safe Design

The flexible pole design makes this temporary fencing safer than other traditional fencing available on the market. The only non-flexible poles in the set are the two end poles that are rigid to provide for better tension and measuring. A player running up into the fence to make a game winning catch will benefit from up to 90 degrees of give from the fence to help soften the impact.

Simple Use

Set up and take down is a breeze! All that’s needed for setup is a drill fixed with the digging tool that is available in an auger design, made for easy dirt removal while making post holes.

Deluxe TempFence Temporary Fencing Options

Deluxe TempFence Temporary Fencing kits are available in 2 varieties and 4 lengths. Ground sockets sold separately for In-Ground 471’ fence. Truck delivery on 314’ and 471’ Fences.

In-Ground Systems. Digging tool included.

  • 100’ Fence, 50 lb
  • 150’ Fence, 67 lb
  • 314’ Fence (200’ Home Run), 211 lb
  • 471’ Fence (300’ Home Run), 300 lb
  • Ground Sockets for 471’ Fence

Above-Ground Systems

  • 100’ Fence, 50 lb
  • 150’ Fence, 67 lb
  • 314’ Fence (200’ Home Run), 211 lb
  • 471’ Fence (300’ Home Run), 300 lb