Easton® IncrediBall® Soft Practice Baseballs

Soft baseballs that are friendlier than full-hardness baseballs, with the performance to match them.

Introduce younger players to the fundamentals of baseball with non-intimidating practice balls that look just like the real thing. Nylon and synthetic covers improve feel and deaden hardness, while foam cores soften impacts and catches, giving students confidence as they chase down fly balls and learn to master catching and throwing. Flat seams serve to create lasting durability, even when used as indoor practice baseballs.

Friendly for Younger Players

Your choice of nylon or synthetic covers lends a friendly and non-intimidating feel to these balls, allowing young athletes to play without fear as they immerse themselves in the world of baseball. Nylon is soft and friendly while synthetic is slightly hard, providing a more comparable feel to an official baseball. Coupled with a foam core, students can throw and catch balls without having to worry about the stinging impact that traditional balls can have, even when braced with a glove.

Great for coach-pitch and tee-ball leagues and play. The focus on younger players makes these balls the perfect introduction to baseball—the white coloring even helps kids affiliate with the traditional balls they’ll one day play with.

Durable and Lasting

Not only are both nylon and synthetic materials superior for durability and longevity, flat seams also lend themselves to the construction of these balls to eliminate many of the common issues that can come with seam failure on raised-seam balls. The lightness and flexibility of balls makes them applicable for indoor play. Great for indoor play as they won’t damage floors, but tough enough for outdoor play too!

Easton® IncrediBall® Nylon & Synthetic Baseball Options

Easton® IncrediBall® Nylon & Synthetic Baseballs are available in 2 covers.

  • Nylon Cover
  • Synthetic Cover
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