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Field Position Spots

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Use in place of rubber bases to help beginners find their fielding positions quickly and easily!

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Place a thick vinyl spot with molded-in position references at each fielding position to provide a visual clue for players who are just learning the game. Each spot measures 9” diameter, making them easy to see but small enough to not interfere with play.

Ideal for Beginners

Beginning players often need to be reminded where their exact position is, and these Field Position Spots give them the visual cue they need without constantly having to seek out their teacher or coach. This makes them perfect for educational settings, such as PE classes.

Built to Last

The heavy duty vinyl construction of these markers ensures they will stand the test of time in locations where they get constant use, such as schools, camps, parks and rec programs, after school programs, and any other multiplayer use settings. They are extremely easy to spot, as their optic yellow print spells out the entire position name and abbreviation.

Easy for Teachers

Teachers using these markers simply place them in their correct positions on the game field prior to play. When the game is ready, the coach or teacher is able to call out the student’s name and position, and players will be able to figure out exactly where their position is. These position spots can work for tee ball, softball, baseball, and kickball.

Field Position Spots are available in sets of 11, including all 9 baseball positions plus additional softball positions of Left Center and Right Center.


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