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Rainbow® Indoor/Outdoor XtraBases™

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Give younger players and beginners 40% extra space with XtraBases™!

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These oversized bases provide plenty of room for fielders and base runners. The larger size of these rubber bases makes them highly visible. 

Designed for Safety

These bases are oversized specifically for safety purposes, giving extra space for each the baserunner and position player. This reduces the incidence of collisions in high-traffic areas like base paths, making your baseball, softball, or kickball games safer for all participants. Their non-slip grid top ensures the runner will not slip when stepping on the base, even in wet conditions.

Durable Construction

The non-marring underside of these bases makes them great for indoor use as they will not damage or mark facility floors. The bases are made with a premium, heavy-duty slip-resistant vinyl, allowing them to hold up to long periods of use at gyms, playgrounds, and local clubs. The bases hold up to long exposure to rain and sun, never cracking, ripping or becoming brittle.                  

Perfect for Teachers

The Rainbow® colors of the bases make for extremely easy organization, setting up bases in school colors or putting together multiple games at once. They can also be used in a variety of other games, such as Wacky Baseball and an array of striking and fielding activities.

Bases measure 18” and home plate is 21”.

Rainbow® Indoor/Outdoor XtraBase™ Options

Rainbow® Indoor/Outdoor XtraBases™ are available in a Rainbow® Set or in Individual Rainbow® Color Sets.

  • Rainbow® Set. Includes a set of 24 (4 of each color).
  • Individual Rainbow® Color Sets. Each includes a set of 4.
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
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