Infield Ground Drags

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Rugged infield drag mats of plated steel.

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Keep your infield looking fresh with these rust-resistant galvanized steel drag mats with ¾” square mesh and pull rope. The 3’ x 6’ mat is pulled by hand, while the 6’ x 6’ mat can be pulled by hand or tractor. Each size rolls up for simple and complete storage. This is the only infield maintaining drag we have to offer.

Easy to Use

There’s no need for complex, heavy machinery to keep your infield looking great! Simply drag these mats by hand and level off your infield for a professional, fresh look. It will smooth out any scuffs or marks in your infield after the game or between innings. The 6’x6’ size is great for infield grooming and the 3’x6’ size is perfect for general, small touch ups.

Built to Last and Safe

Galvanized steel is used to prevent rusting, which means you’ll be able to use these drags season after season even in wet conditions. The square mesh design makes it easier to pick up small rocks and drag them off the field so players won’t experience twisted ankles or strange ball hops.

There’s no motor to worry about with these drags—it’s all elbow grease. There is low to no risk of injury when using them.

Infield Ground Drag Options

Infield Ground Drags are available in 2 sizes.


  • 3’ x 6’; 45 lb
  • 6’ x 6’; 63 lb