Permanent Chain-Link Backstops

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Professional-looking baseball backstops with durable construction and an economical price.

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Get backstops for your baseball or softball field that are built to last for many seasons and are virtually vandal proof. They are constructed of 1-5/8” OD galvanized steel tubing with a center brace and 9-gauge smooth galvanized steel chain links, which are bolted to 2-3/8” OD steel frames for added durability. The extensions, including hoods and wings, provide improved ball containment.

Safer Play

Keep your backstop contained and your fans safe and close to the action with these Permanent Chain-Link Backstops. The fence acts as a safety net for fans from foul tips, over throws, and foul balls.

Official Feel

Not only do these backstops keep your fans safe, but they also provide a more official atmosphere for your baseball diamond.

Built to Last

This is our only permanent backstop available for baseball, softball, and kickball. It is designed with high-quality metal that is vandal- and element-resistant. This makes it an economical long-term option for your facility.

Permanent Chain-Link Backstop Options

Permanent Chain-Link Backstops are available in 2 heights, with or without wings. Truck delivery.

  • 30’ Backstop w/ Hood, 682 lb
  • 30’ Backstop w/ Hood and Wings, 860 lb
  • 40’ Backstop w/ Hood, 956 lb
  • 40’ Backstop w/ Hood and Wings, 1,134 lb