Portable Baseball / Softball Backstops

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Removable panels let you take your game anywhere, indoors or out!

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Now bringing a baseball backstop with you is easier than ever before! It rolls easily from storage to field on nonmarking rubber tires, with sturdy tube reinforcements and balance support to stand up to lots of hard play. The backstop is made with galvanized 1-1/4” OD tubing with heavy-gauge wire mesh, all of which lays flat for easy storage. 

Outstanding Portability

Bring a backstop anywhere you want for batting practice or to make your backyard baseball game official! The backstop comes with wheels to make it easy to transport. If the official game field is busy, no worries! Bring the portable backstop with you to your new makeshift game destination. This is our only mobile backstop option.

Built to Last

The tube reinforcements and balance support ensure this backstop will last through years of hard play and use. The galvanized tubing helps it to stand up to the elements, which means you don’t have to worry about rain damage.

This backstop can be used for kickball as well as baseball and softball, making it a versatile tool for your home, school, or playground.

The backstop panel measures 10’W x 8’H, side panels measure 4’W x 8’H, and the top panel measures 10’W x 4’H.  

Portable Baseball/Softball Backstop Options

Portable Baseball/Softball Backstops are available in 3 varieties. Truck delivery.

  • Backstop Only, 171 lb
  • Backstop/Sides/No Top, 290 lb
  • Backstop with Sides and Top, 340 lb