Rainbow® Flex-A-Ball™ Balls

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Safety and durability combine in soft, flexible plastic that springs back to shape!

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This plastic baseball may play like a hard plastic ball, but it’s softer and safer for beginners and indoor use. It’s a perfect addition to any classroom with younger students!

Built for Quality

Where a regular plastic-style ball would break due to contact, these balls won’t thanks to their Flex-a-Ball construction designed to absorb contact and spring back into place. This makes the ball safer to use and a versatile indoor/outdoor option. It can be used with plastic, foam, and metal bats. The balls will not beat up or damage walls and floors upon contact, unlike other, stiffer plastic balls. This is the safest plastic ball we have to offer.

Perfect for All Ages

Thanks to their flexible construction, these balls are great for all ages and skill levels, from younger kids using soft foam bats to older, more experienced players using metal bats.

Ideal for Teachers

The ball is available in three different sizes, allowing the teacher to pick the right ball for their classes’ skill levels. It allows for easier skill progression starting with the oversized softball and working down to the official baseball size as the students’ skills better and greater difficulty is needed. The Rainbow® colors make it easy to organize students into different groups. The balls can be used in plenty of other classroom games as well.

Rainbow® Flex-A-Ball™ Ball Options

Rainbow® Flex-A-Ball™ Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 3 sizes.


  • Baseball Size; 9”
  • Softball Size; 12”
  • Softball Size; 16”