Rainbow® Foam Balls

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Colorful, durable foam baseballs are firm enough for lively play, soft enough for safety.

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These foam balls are ideal for use with any type of bat. They’re an excellent choice for beginning players.

Safe and Friendly

These balls are safer than official balls but still provide a more realistic feel and play than a plastic ball. They are a friendlier option for new students who are practicing their hitting, throwing, and catching and are great for play both indoors and out. No glove is needed for catching these balls in tossing practice. This makes it a great option for tee ballers or indoor practice for traveling Little League teams.

Quality Design

Based on their tough premium foam design, these balls can stand up in game after game as well as plenty of other classroom activities. They have a more lively feedback than plastic balls, which make them great for baseball units in gym class. The foam has a hard outer shell and a softer inner shell, which allows the ball to flex and absorb the impact rather than just ripping like other foam balls do. The molded-in laces give the balls a better grip and make students more accurate when throwing. This is our entry level foam ball for baseball and softball activities.

Ideal for Schools

The balls are available in baseball and softball size, making it a great for your class and allowing you to adjust balls being used to your class’s abilities. The two sizes also help with progression training, as you could have players start off with softball sizes then move down to baseball sizes to increase difficulty. The Rainbow® colors make classroom organization easy for teachers.

Rainbow® Foam Ball Options

Rainbow® Foam Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or individually in yellow in 2 sizes.


  • 3” dia
  • 4” dia