Rainbow® Soft-Fly™ Baseballs and Softballs

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Maximum toughness and durability, with the friendly feel of lively, semi-soft foam.

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A tough outer skin protects these polyurethane foam practice baseballs and softballs from wear and tear for long-lasting performance indoors and out. When durability is a priority, this is your choice!

Outstanding Durability

When you’re looking for a ball that is extremely durable and can hold up to what other foam baseballs and softballs can’t, this is a go-to option. More experienced students using metal bats tend to hit harder, and these balls are designed to stand up to that type of high-impact use without breaking or cracking. This ball’s firmness and molded-in laces also work to give students a more realistic feel and better grip, which ultimately improves accuracy while throwing. The firmer feel gives the hitter instant feedback as to whether the ball was hit square up causing line drives, topped causing ground balls, or hit underneath the ball causing a pop fly.

Perfect for Training

These balls can be used in game play for younger students or in batting practice for experienced players. The ball is soft and friendly during use, but still has the similar play and feedback of an official baseball or softball. It is available in both a baseball and softball size, allowing coaches and teachers to easily give their players the best option for their skill level with the ability to progress from the larger ball to the smaller to increase difficulty.

Great for Schools

This ball’s durability allows it to hold up to long periods of use in institutional settings like schools, clubs, after-school programs, and teams. The Rainbow® colors make it easy for teachers to organize their classes into different ball drills or to add twists to games and activities.

Rainbow® Soft-Fly™ Baseballs and Softball Options

Rainbow® Soft-Fly™ Baseballs and Softballs are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.


  • Baseballs, 3” dia
  • Softballs, 4” dia


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