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Rainbow® Soft-Stix™ Bats

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Absolutely the toughest, strongest, longest-lasting foam bat you'll find!

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This foam bat’s cushioned 2-3/4” dia barrel has a rigid fiberglass core for added strength, soft polyurethane foam for safety, and a tough outer coating for maximum durability. The added texture on the handle improves its grip.

Indoor and Outdoor Training

These bats give your class a safe indoor option for practicing their hitting skills, as the soft stick foam cover helps to absorb impact and reduce the flight of the ball. Players who want a non-metal option for practicing their hitting skills can benefit from this bat, which comes with a fiberglass core to provide a realistic weight. It is designed to be used with plastic, foam, and rubber balls.

Versatility and user-friendliness make it a favorite for gym classes, camps, before and after school groups, and clubs. Foam bats can be used in relays for the bat spin, and can be laid in the grass and used as hurdles when taking breaks from hitting, catching, and throwing drills to work on footwork.

Quality Construction

This foam bat is the longest-lasting foam bat on the market, guaranteed to be a part of your hitting unit for years to come. They come with a long-lasting polyurethane foam head and a tough outer coating to resist wear and tear, as well as a cushioned rubber grip to give students total control of the bat. Its fiberglass core not only gives a realistic weight to the batt, but also adds extra durability and prevents it from breaking after long periods of use. This is the most durable introductory bat we carry and the highest-level foam bat available.

Easy Organization

The Rainbow® colors allow teachers to break up their classes into multiple groups for hitting drills. Kids with green bats, for example, might work on bunting, while kids with red bats might work on perfecting their swing. Bats measure 29” L, with a 2-3/4” barrel.

Rainbow® Soft-Stix™ Bat Options

Rainbow® Soft-Stix™ Bats are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individual Blue.

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual Blue


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