Rawlings® All-Synthetic Gloves

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These entry-level Rawlings® gloves have a synthetic-leather construction, are lightweight, and are easy to break in.

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This glove’s arched basket-web design offers strength and durability to keep it in good shape for long periods of play. The Flex Lock™ design provides easy closure, and the adjustable Velcro® strap ensures the glove fits well and is easy to put on and take off.

Great for Beginners

Constructed with a soft, pliable shell for an easy close makes this glove a perfect fit for beginners!  It’s durable enough, however, to be used routinely in institutional settings! Choose either the 10.5” and 11” size, which are ideal for students age 5 to 9 or younger players that play infield positions. All gloves come with a closed-style web, which provides students with more catching support, taking the fear out of catching.

Excellent Construction

Rawlings is one of the best names in baseball and softball gloves, and this is one of its most affordable options. The all-synthetic construction allows for a quick break in, meaning this glove is virtually game-ready right out of the box. Its basket web pattern makes it much more flexible than other types of gloves. It is designed to fit an array of hand sizes with a wide opening above the wrist.

Easy Organization

The sizes of the glove are signified by the color they are available in. The 10.5” glove is blue and black with white laces, and the 11” glove is black and gray with red laces.

Rawlings® All-Synthetic Glove Options

Rawlings® All-Synthetic Gloves are available in 2 sizes for Right or Left Throw.

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