Rawlings® R100NF Game Baseballs

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Extra-Innings Technology by Rawlings® makes these official baseballs the highest-level game baseball we offer!

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Take the game into as many extra innings as you need and don’t worry about damaging the integrity of these NFHS baseballs. A full-grain leather cover, cork core, and bonded adhesive construction allow them to stand up to every hit, throw, and catch without fail, in any weather conditions.


  • 9", 5 oz
  • Leather Cover
  • Cork Core
  • NFHS Approved

Perfect in All Conditions

Rawlings® baseballs sport Extra-Innings Technology, which ensures they're ready to take a beating for as many innings as it takes to claim victory. The full grain leather cover is resilient against the constant abuse of contact with bats and leather gloves, without interrupting the integrity of the ball's shape or construction. A cork core is protected by an adhesive bond to the cover, which effectively waterproofs and mitigates other damages that may occur, such as UV degradation. Constructed with 85% wool bindings for added durability, balls won't lose their shape even after crushing hits.

Approved for Official Play

A perfect 9" measurement and 5 oz weight make these high school baseballs acceptable for official NFHS league play. Full hardness puts these balls out of the scope of play in younger leagues, however they're ideal for varsity and upper league games. Quality construction also lends itself to competitive play, helping athletes make the most out of their catching, throwing, and batting abilities.

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