Rawlings Premium Pro Series Baseball First Base Mitt

First base mitt with added flexibility and a secure pocket!

This full-grain leather baseball mitt features a Single Post double bar web that delivers a snug and secure pocket for ultimate performance at the first base position. The glove also includes a Double Ca-Thud style allowing users to mold the end of their glove for better scooping abilities. The Solid Core technology features OPTI-FIT, which enhances the glove's fit and improves the grip during gameplay. This technology also ensures greater command and an optimal feel while handling the ball from the first base position.

This series offers a breakthrough in glove design with the lace-less heel and palm construction. It provides quicker break-in time while improving the overall feel when the ball enters the pocket. The 12¾"L web design basket and conventional backing make this a premium choice for first basemen looking to get the most out of their glove.


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