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Stay-n-Play™ Indoor/Outdoor Bases

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Ultra-tacky, official-size bases safely "stay in play" and won't move or slide with player impact.

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The specially formulated material of these rubber bases has a tacky, nonslip bottom that grips the floor and stays safely in place and in play, even as players round the bases or slide into home plate. They feature a tough, tear-proof construction that provides maximum durability.

Ultimate Safety

With Stay-n-Play™, you won’t have to worry about students having their feet slip out from under them. These bases are designed to stick to floors for the highest safety levels, even when students are coming in at full speed. They stick to the floor better than any other base on the market. They’re available in yellow and orange colors aside from traditional white, which makes them easier to see in gyms and in grass.

Tough Construction

The bases are made with a tear-proof rubber, which makes them extremely durable and a perfect choice for situations in which they are used regularly by many players, such as at schools, camps, and after school programs.

Thanks to this design, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use with a variety of activities! Use for marking out game play areas in your gym for your next game of swamp ball, use for kickball, or create a fun relay.

Bases are official size (15” base, 17” home plate), and each set includes home plate and 3 bases.

Stay-n-Play™ Indoor/Outdoor Base Options

Stay-n-Play™ Indoor/Outdoor Bases are available in sets of 4 in 3 colors.


  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White


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