Team Home Run Derby™ Set

At least 36 players can play action-packed baseball home run derby games and no one rides the bench!


Quickly set up 6 colorful fields for nonstop, derby-style baseball fun! Students will love the batting and fielding practice they get, and teachers will love the level of activity EVERYONE gets. Smaller teams and fields create inclusivity and keep activity levels high; students will see more at bats and fielding opportunities than in a traditional game of baseball!

All-Inclusive Fun

Quick setup and simplified rules gets everyone moving—and staying moving— in a matter of minutes! To play, six fields are set up, 1 in each Rainbow® color, with a home plate and 2 cones (used to designated bases). Divide the class into 12 teams of 3-5 players; 2 teams are assigned to each field. Batting and fielding teams are determined, and fielders are positioned around the 2 cones.

At the signal, players on the batting team take turns at bat. Batters are allowed just 2 swings and if they successfully hit the ball off the tee, they run to first, then second base (cones) and back home before being tagged or thrown out. Traditional baseball rules of 3 outs per inning and a run is scored when a player successfully reaches home plate apply. After 3 outs, teams quickly change places and now the fielding team is up at bat.

Colorful, Organized Equipment

All equipment is featured in our eye-popping Rainbow® colors for fun and organization! Since each team is designated by a color that matches all of their equipment, students won’t run to the wrong cone or lose track of equipment! The coordinated colors also help differentiate “fields” and teams, even in limited spaces where equipment can be close together.

Lasting, Versatile Equipment

Team Home Run Derby™ is packed with all the premium Gopher equipment needed to play! Cones instead of bases help students identify the destination quickly as they stand out in the grass while the foam bats and balls are safer and less intimidating. Each piece can easily be pulled out and used individually for specific baseball drills or other activities. When the last run is scored, store your set in the convenient VersaDuffel™ Bag to keep it organized and easy to move to and from storage.

Team Home Run Derby™ Set includes:

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