Throw-Down Bases

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Indoor/outdoor rubber baseball bases are highly visible and designed to stay in place.

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These full-size, 2” thick bases help players get the feel of an official base. A heavy-duty, molded rubber design with beveled edges keeps runners safe when rounding or sliding. Use these for PE, recess, leagues, and recreation!

Official Size

Give your students an official feel for their next game of slow-pitch softball or baseball. Available in official size and thickness, these bases do not need to be anchored into the ground with a spike or anchor. They are raised 2” off the ground, similar to an official base, which makes them a great fit for older, more experienced students and players. The traditional white color only adds to the professional feel and appearance. This is the closest option to an official base we offer in a throw-down option.

Built for Durability and Safety

These bases feature a heavy-duty solid molded rubber construction, which makes them extremely durable and capable of standing to routine use for years. Use them indoors or out without worry of damage!

A textured top and grid bottom provides better traction to both the runner and the fielder as it keeps students from slipping and keeps the base in place.  The slight beveled edge also makes it safer for runners as they quickly round (no edge to twist an ankle on) or position players who are sliding into the base (no edge to cause an injury).

Throw-Down Bases are available in Sets of 3 in standard white. Bases are full size, measuring 2” thick.