Titan BP Zone Infield Turf Protectors

Durable infield turf protectors for all levels of play!

This baseball infield skirt delivers the highest quality of protection for any type of field. It is ideally made for batting practice and warm-ups as it will protect infield grass from excessive hits and marks. It is made of spike-proof Titan mesh to easily withstand intense abuse during batting practice. The unique, lightweight design allows moisture, sunlight, and air to penetrate the protector, allowing it to be left on the field for longer periods of time.

Its new and improved hems are made without sewing and stitching for a durable finish that will last season after season. This turf protector is available in Size 20"W x 15'D x 50' across, 20"W x 20'D x 60' across, and 20'W x 25'D x 70' across to fit the needs of every sized field.


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