Wilson® A360™ Series Baseball Gloves

These Wilson® baseball gloves with pigskin leather palms and synthetic backing provide ultimate durability and softness on the baseball field!


Worried about the best way to break in a baseball glove? There’s no need with the Wilson® A360! This adult and youth baseball glove is made of genuine pigskin leather with a soft and rugged broken-in feel. This quality-made glove is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and control. 

Perfect for Young Players

The synthetic backing in this glove offers the ultimate in flexibility and a broken-in feel right from the start, making it great for younger and recreational users. The lighter weight of this glove helps young or beginning players to more easily control it during play and better advance their skills. The oversized pocket helps players catch with confidence, as does the closed-web design, which provides greater catching support. This takes the fear out of catching!

Quality Construction

The glove’s synthetic backing allows it to be flexible and comfortable for multiple users, while the pigskin leather palm enhances its durability for long-term use. This leather is thinner and lighter than cowhide but just as durable, keeping the glove in good condition even after dealing with the hottest shots. All glove sizes are available in jet black and gray styling with gold logo details. This is our entry-level Wilson® glove.

Used in Schools

The user-friendly nature, multiple sizes, and long-lasting durability make this glove a popular option for use in schools, camps, parks and rec programs, and pick-up games. Three sizes in left or right throw make it easy to properly size your class or team, as does the Velcro® wrist strap on each glove.

Wilson® A360™ Series Baseball Glove Options

Wilson® A360™ Series Baseball Gloves are available in 3 sizes. Colors vary.

  • 12”
  • 13”
  • 14”
Which glove is right for me?
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