Wilson® A500™ Premium Series Baseball Glove

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The highest-performing, all-leather baseball glove on the market will make young baseball players look and feel like a pro!

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Modeled after players’ Major League Baseball gloves, these baseball/softball gloves are made entirely of real leather for your aspiring young players. These are the lightest top-grain leather ball gloves on the market, giving baseball and softball players the flexibility and mobility they need.

Designed for Younger Players

Give your players the best baseball glove! These were designed for young players who are serious about developing their skills with a quality level glove without having to pay top dollar. It is available in sizes ranging from 11” to 12.5”, with the smaller sizes being great for ages 9 and up. The glove has been designed to reduce sting to make students more comfortable as they practice their skills.

Quality Built

The gloves are designed with top-grain leather that is stronger and more durable than the pigskin leather used on the A360. It also provides a flexible, ready-to-play feel straight out of the box. It is the most flexible, lightest all-leather glove available on the market. The leather laces are tough and stronger for maximum durability and glove life, especially when compared to synthetic materials. The double palm construction keeps the pocket stable and wrinkle-free. These are the highest-quality Wilson gloves we have to offer.

Multiple Sizes

The 11” size comes with an H-web design, which is great for quick transfers from glove to hand and for all positions aside from pitcher and catcher. The 12” design has a T-web design that produces better pocket flexibility and is great for all positions other than pitcher and catcher. The 12.5” size has a Y-web design for quick transfers and is geared toward outfielders who want an alternative to the H-web design. All 3 sizes come in left or right throw options.

Wilson® A500™ Premium Series Baseball Glove Options

Wilson® A500™ Premium Series Baseball Gloves are available in 3 sizes. Colors vary. 

  • 11”
  • 12”
  • 12.5”
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