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Spalding 100 Series NFHS Baseball
Rawlings® ROLB1 Official USSSA Baseball
Rawlings® RLLB1 Official Little League Baseball
Rawlings® Flat Seam NCAA Baseball
Rawlings® FSR100HS Flat Seam Baseball
Diamond® Numbered Training Baseballs
Rawlings® FSOLBX Flat Seam Practice Ball
Diamond® DCR-1 Cal Ripken® Baseballs
Diamond® DBR-1 Babe Ruth Baseballs
Wilson® Pony League Raised Seam Baseball
Diamond® D1-AL Official American Legion Baseballs
Wilson® Dixie Boys & Majors Raised Seam Baseball
Wilson® Dixie Youth League Raised Seam Baseball
Wilson® A1030 Raised Seam Practice Baseball
Wilson® A1010 HS1 American Legion Baseball
Wilson® A1015 SST NFHS Baseball
Wilson® A1010 PRO SST NFHS Baseball
Baden® PR-0A All-Weather™ Baseballs

Purchase a variety of baseballs for classes, team sports, and recreational programs from Gopher Sport!

Gopher provides a large variety of practice baseballs or official baseballs for students and athletes! Younger players will enjoy learning about the game using foam baseballs. These soft and lightweight balls are durable enough to withstand daily use during indoor/outdoor training and games. We also offer a variety of youth-oriented baseballs made with soft, quality materials in sizes that children can grip and toss.

For more advanced players, official balls designed for high school athletes stand up to endless throws and hits. PE teachers and coaches can get their entire team hitting, fielding, catching, and pitching with a bucket of baseballs!

Buy the best balls to suit the needs of your class, team, or recreational program.

Which Type of Baseball is Right for Me?

Ball Covers: Synthetic-leather provides the most realistic feel. Nylon is friendlier and water-resistant. Leather offers the best grip, durability, and shape retention and are meant for official play.

Core: Polyurethane is the most lively and realistic, sponge rubber provides slightly les bounce and are more forgiving. High-density cork has the best performance for baseballs used in official play.

Hardness: Level 1 is soft and suitable for ages 5-8. Level 5 is distinctively harder and appropriate for ages 9-12. Full hardness is used for official play.

Soft and Foam Baseballs: Plastic and foam construction is softer and less intimidating than official balls. Use during indoor practice at any skill level.