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Rainbow® Premiere Throw-Down Bases
Rainbow® Indoor/Outdoor XtraBases™
Stay-n-Play™ Indoor/Outdoor Bases
GrateBase™ Bases
Biggie!™ Numbered Baseball Bases
AnyPlace™ Rubber Bases
Safety Plates

Safety Plates

Hollywood® Pro-Style Baseball Bases
Throw-Down Bases

Throw-Down Bases

Double Safety First Base
End-Spiked Pitching Rubber
Pro Home Plate

Pro Home Plate

Gopher Rookie™ Carpet Bases
Magnetic Safety Baseball Base
Schutt® Jack Corbett MLB® Hollywood® Bases
Schutt® Hollywood Slow Pitch Strike Zone Mat
Schutt® Hollywood® Bury All Home Plate
Schutt® Hollywood® Step Down Pitching Rubber
Schutt® Hollywood® Impact™ Kwik-Release® Bases
Schutt® Hollywood® Impact™ Double First Bases
Schutt® Hollywood® Impact™ Bases
Kick-Away Safety Bases
Safe!™ Bases

Safe!™ Bases

Schutt® Digout Tool
Schutt® Base Caddy

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Choose from a large assortment of baseball bases for sale at Gopher Sport!

If you are looking for dependable bases for baseball, you have come to the perfect place! We provide PE teachers and coaches with an assortment of options for little league all the way up to the big leagues.

For PE classes and practice, our throw-down bases are a great option. They are easy to set up and store when not in use. Our assortment comes in traditional white for a realistic look, or in bright Rainbow colors for easy visibility. When it comes to new players, Gopher’s oversized bases give them extra space to run toward and stand on. Some also feature numbers to clearly designate bases and roles.

When it comes to more advanced players in team sports and recreational programs, check out our selection of traditional bases. We have an assortment of breakaway and non-breakaway bases to suit the needs of classes and teams. These anchored options combine the looks of the pros with unparalleled safety.

Let Gopher guide you while choosing the bases ideal for your class or program!