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Rainbow DurabiliTee Batting Tee
StabiliTee Batting Tee
ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee
Easton Square It Up Batting Tee
Phenom Batting Tee
ATEC Tuffy Single Batting Tee

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From beginners to pros, shop for durable baseball tees from Gopher Sport!

When introducing PE classes and recreational clubs to baseball, you need to have sturdy tees that will withstand every swing. Coaches and teachers can depend on the stability and durability of Gopher’s batting tees!

The bright, engaging colors of our exclusive Only From Gopher tees draw in and excite younger players. These options have reinforced base connectors that stand up to repeated use during PE class or t-ball practice. They also adjust in height to suit the needs of most players. We also have a fixed-height, introductory tee made of durable plastic that’s easy to set up and move.

Professional batting tees have an extremely durable design for more advanced players. They combine strength and stability to endure hard hits from several heights and angles for realistic training opportunities.

Let players perfect their batting form with your purchase of batting tees from Gopher!