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AlleyOop™ Assist™ Basketball Goal

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Stay in rhythm and solidify shooting form with this make-it-take-it basketball goal!

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Turn any area into a place to practice basketball and build the confidence of your players with this automatic return shooting system. Without having to chase balls down after the shot, your students will learn better aiming and proper form as they focus on mastering shooting mechanics.

Convenient Ball Return System

Instead of having to chase down stray basketballs or have students take turns rebounding and returning to the shot line, these portable basketball goals feature a supremely convenient ball return system. As shots are made, the construction of the goals ensures balls are fed back to the shooter without any need to chase them down or deviate from a shooting stance.

The design of the return system hinges on the net, which extends down to attach right to the frame. As balls are sunk through the goal and caught by the net, they’re guided by it and gently ejected back towards the player. Because the entire system is a closed loop, there’s no adjustments or mechanics involved in ensuring a smooth return: just set up the goal and let its design do the work! Less time spent chasing down balls means more time spent practicing shots and building confidence for your players.

Great for Skill Building

What makes this kids basketball goal so ideal for skill building is the fact that students never have to break stance in order to continue practicing. Lining up, taking a shot, and knowing that the ball will be returned quickly and conveniently means students can keep their focus on their posture and stance as they get ready to toss up another shot. Not having to chase down the last shot also gives players time to consider the placement of their last heave and how their next shot can be better adjusted for perfection.

Line up a rack of basketballs next to your students for a rapid shooting drill that allows them to fire off several shots in quick succession and see how many they can sink in a given timeframe as balls come bounding back to them. Skills tests and friendly competitions like this are great for engraining mechanics.


  • Thick 1-1/4” steel tubing is more than twice as durable as similar goals on the market!
  • Features a wide square base for superior stability.
  • Rubber feet on the base provide traction and improve stability.
  • Use on any surface for quick and easy games or shooting drills.
  • Units simply tip onto 2 wheels for easy transportation from storage to play areas.
  • Removable backboard included; great for teaching bank shots and other accuracy techniques.
  • 6’H; 38 lb


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