Bison® Elementary Basketball Hoop

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Easy-roll basketball system with built-in ballast eliminates the need for water or sand!

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Give your youngest students an adjustable basketball goal that will help them build confidence and improve their skills, no matter where class takes place! Thanks to wheels and a weighted base, these adjustable basketball goals for youth can be set up virtually anywhere. Two backboard options also give you the ability to pick the system that meets your material preference at a great value.

Adjustable for Younger Ages

Designed specifically with younger students and aspiring basketball stars in mind, these goals match the size and capabilities of the players using them! Because the goal adjusts, beginners will find it easier to learn the fundamentals and grow their skills with confidence.

  • Adjustable system allows players of all ages and skill levels to play on the same hoop.
  • Telescoping structure easily adjusts goal height from 6'6" to 8'H in 6″ increments with simple pull pin design.
  • Use official size 5/8" solid steel goal with any basketball size, from mini to official.

Portable System

Thanks to 2 wheels and a weighted base, virtually any flat surface that’s large enough to be a basketball play area can become one! Just tip the entire hoop back onto the wheels and push it to and from your desired destinations.

When it’s time to position the hoop for play, simply stand it up right on a 100 lb weighted base to ensure constancy while your players take shots. The fabricated white powder-coated steel and a resilient tubular structure are ideal institutional settings. A lower base trim acts as a safety buffer between the system and gym floors to prevent marring and abrasions.

  • Wheels on the base allow it to roll in and out of the gym or multipurpose room with ease.
  • Offers all the same ‘all-in-one’ components of a permanent system, with the added benefit of allowing individuals or teams to play the sport without being limited to a particular court or park like with a fixed basketball hoop.
  • Foam post padding with vinyl cover and Velcro® strap closures protect users from accidental run-ins with the steel frame and base.

Two Backboard Options

  • Graphite backboards offer players a fan-shaped molded rebounding surface that’s akin to most schoolyard models. This familiar basketball staple offers an entry-level price point for schools seeking a basic adjustable system.
  • Acrylic backboards are rectangular and offer the same translucent appearance of glass backboards, without the high price point that can accompany them. Acrylic is exceptionally durable and will offer better rebounding action and playability.

On both:

  • Assembly required.
  • Truck delivery.

Bison® Elementary Basketball System Options

Bison® Elementary Basketball Systems are available in 2 sizes.

  • 48”W x 36”H, Graphite, 330 lb
  • 48”W x 32”H, Acrylic, 350 lb
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