Bison® Heavy-Duty™ Systems

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Heavy-duty bent-post system with your choice of 3 rectangular backboard materials.

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A supremely durable pole, great setback length, and 3 backboard options make these outdoor basketball courts a premier choice for institutions seeking longevity and versatility from their outdoor installations.

Safe Design

Designed with safety in mind! A deeper 4’ setback ensures plenty of space for rebounding and layup shots, while the stability of this in-ground system itself provides an unwavering solution to basketball games and practices.

  • In-ground systems are more stable than portable systems, as are installed in the ground to stand firm against all levels of play. Unlike portable systems, there’s no risk of tipping over.
  • 4’ setback area keeps the rim a safe distance from the base. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, however they require more space.

Incredible Strength

This is our toughest in-ground system that offers a rectangular backboard, meaning it’ll stand up to all elements and levels of play without succumbing to institutional wear and tear. From the zinc-coated, galvanized steel pole, to 3 superbly strong backboard options, to a resilient double rim goal, expect these systems to perform superiorly throughout their extended lifetimes on your outdoor basketball courts.

  • These systems can handle any outdoor weather conditions.
  • 4-1/2” galvanized steel post makes these systems more durable for continuous institutional use. Galvanized steel posts also have a protective zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Front, direct mounting goal is installed directly on to the backboard and offers no flexibility or “play.” This provides the most durability to the goal attachment.
  • Double rim goal looks like 2 rims welded together. This design provides a stronger, more durable goal as compared to single rim goals. However, while a double rim goal is stronger, it is tougher to play on, as the playability is different than a single rim, which is used for competitive play. Many will argue that practicing and playing on double rims will perfect your shooting technique, as there is little room for error!

Three Backboard Options

Teachers and coaches looking for an outdoor hoop system that closely resembles an indoor court will love the design of this system for its ability to bridge that gap. It’s our only fixed bent-post system with a rectangle backboard option, closely resembling what you’d find on a regulation court. Learning to shoot at and rebound off of this style of backboard will better prepare students for real-time game situations.

  • Aluminum backboard is tough, rustproof, and the lightest weight option, however it does not offer the truest playability as compared to others.
  • Steel backboard is the largest of the backboard options in this offer and provides a durable choice, complete with a graffiti resistant finish.
  • Polycarbonate backboard is similar to that of an acrylic backboard, which is used on indoor courts, and offers the best rebound and play, while providing enough protection to withstand heavy use.

Bison® Heavy-Duty™ System Options

Bison® Heavy-Duty™ Systems are available in 3 backboard materials. Truck delivery.

  • Aluminum Backboard, 131 lb
  • Steel Backboard, 320 lb
  • Polycarbonate Backboard, 300 lb
Which bent-post system is right for me? Which backboard is right for me?