Bison® Max™ Portable Basketball Hoop Systems

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Maximum portability, playability, and value in these premium side-court systems!

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Set this basketball goal to the lowest height setting and watch as even your youngest students excel in learning the mechanics of basketball! Raise it higher as they improve for a scalable approach to learning. Two backboard options give you a choice in affordability and material, while both come attached to a sturdy base that’s uncompromising in its resilience and quality.

Huge Adjustability Range

These Bison® portable basketball systems offer the largest range of adjustable heights and accommodate the largest range of student ages and capabilities. With a minimum height of 5’H, these hoops are easy enough for beginners to get the hang of as they toss up shots and learn to use the backboard to their advantage. At the maximum height of 10’H, more proficient players will get a realistic play from the hoop, preparing them for game time.

  • Adjustable system allows players of all ages and skill levels to play on the same hoop.
  • Crank handle lift system easily adjusts goal height from 5’ to 10'H in infinite increments. Height marker on back of system shows the height of the hoop.
  • Offers all the same ‘all-in-one’ components of a permanent system, with the added benefit of allowing individuals to play the sport without being limited to a particular court or park like with a fixed basketball hoop.
  • Durable, breakaway rim is official size, made of solid steel and mounted directly to structure to eliminate backboard stress.
  • At its full height of 10', 30" setback keeps the rim out a safe distance from the base. The setback is the distance from the post to the backboard. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, but they also require more space. Shorter setbacks are better suited for smaller courts.

Two Backboard Materials

  • Acrylic backboard measures 48"W x 32"H and is great for smaller courts. Acrylic offers the same translucent appearance of glass backboards, but weighs far less and offers a more amiable price point. It is more durable than graphite, fiberglass, or molded plastic backboards and offers better playability on rebounds.
  • Glass backboards measure 54"W x 36"H and are ideal for larger play areas. These expansive backboards also lend themselves to teaching bank shots and play off the backboard! Glass is the highest quality backboard available, providing the best ball response on rebounds and better overall playability.

Safe Standing and Portable Design

With 850 lb of hidden weight to keep this hoop upright and stationary, there’s no chance in moving it—even when your star players are throwing up layups, dunks, and alley-oops! This is one of the safest portable hoop systems we offer and will stand up to the rigors of institutional play, even at a fast-paced level.

When the time comes for you to collapse and store this system, takedown and transport couldn’t be easier! The unit folds in on itself to condense to a manageable size, then safely wheels back into storage once you’ve removed the ballast weight.

  • Unit folds down for compact storage and easier moving. It’s so compact, it's able to fit through a standard double door! Once on the court, the system simply cranks up to desired height and is ready for use.
  • Full-front base and post padding protects players from accidental run ins with base and frame.
  • Features wheels under the base so no tipping is necessary to roll it in and out of the gym or multipurpose room with ease. Once in place, wheels lock for stability during play.
  • Over 850 lb of hidden weight is included to eliminate tip overs; weight is fully enclosed and padded for safety.
  • Custom color padding available to match school colors for a more unified look.
  • Assembly required.

Bison® Max™ Portable Basketball Hoop System Options

Bison® Max™ Portable Basketball Hoop Systems are available in 2 material options, with 16 color options for padding. Specify color on base padding. Truck delivery.

Material Options

  • Acrylic Max, 46”W x 32”H; 1,400 lb
  • Glass Max, 54”W x 36”H; 1,450 lb

Padding Colors

  • Scarlet
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Kelly Green
  • Forest Green
  • Royal
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Columbia Blue
  • Vegas Gold
  • Maroon
  • Cardinal
  • Burnt Orange
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
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