Bison® Mega-Duty Basketball Systems

Heavy-duty basketball system with superior durability and safe game play!

Enjoy ultimate durability with a 5916" OD post made of hot dip galvanized steel. Keep players protected with a 6' setback safe play area behind the backboard.

Clear, bulletproof polycarbonate backboard makes this system virtually unbreakable. Its heavy-duty aluminum framework provides added structure and security for a sturdy fit. The goal mounts directly through the backboard pole which eliminates backboard stress when hanging occurs. The official white shooter's square and border make it easy for players to identify the rim and backboard while shooting.

Front-mount goal features a heavy-duty breakaway design for flexibility and can withstand years of use. An orange, powder-coated finish helps the rim withstand any weather conditions. Includes net.

The basketball systems are available in 2 sizes: Official Size 72"W x 42"H, 500 lb; or a smaller 54"W x 42"H, 440 lb.


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