Bison® Post Pads

Maximum safety and protection, with premium 5" padding that's more than 3x thicker than other pads!


Utilize the thickest post padding we offer to protect your students against accidental impacts with outdoor basketball goal systems. Padding is quick and easy to install thanks to Velcro® seams and provides comprehensive protection all the way around the post. Numerous colors and lettering options make customizing pads easy!

Fully-Wrapped Protection

Applying basketball goal padding is as easy as wrapping the protection around the pole and securing the back at the Velcro® seams. The padding entirely encloses the pole to offer 5” of protection that will keep students safe from harm at all times, whether you’re driving to the basket or going up for a rebound close to the backboard. Other padding options may only offer 3-4” of depth, making Bison® Post Pads a superior choice for guaranteed safety.

These 5” post wraps will fit in-ground basketball systems with 4-6” beams, which encompasses the majority of full court systems. Once in place around the pole the padding is easy to adjust, to ensure every angle of the metal is covered for comprehensive safety.

Though designed for use with outdoor, in-ground basketball hoop systems, these post pads offer versatility across a bevy of sports and applications. Use them for football field goals or volleyball systems for the same degree of comprehensive protection for players, to shield against accidently impacts.

Resilient Design

Though not recommended for permanent installation on outdoor hoop systems, these basketball goal pads are resilient in the face of nearly any weather condition. Its waterproof vinyl construction stands up to light rain and high humidity, offering the same degree of protection to students regardless of the weather. Even in intense sunlight the vinyl cover will hold strong, to prevent the foam padding within from breaking down or growing stiff.

Custom Colors and Print

With up to 16 colors available to customize these basketball goal pads, it’s easy to brand your outdoor courts to match your school colors. The option to print your school name or mascot title on them also allows for another degree of customization that leaves a lasting impression of quality upon those shooting hoops on your court.

Bison® Post Pad Options

Bison® Post Pads are available in 16 colors. Custom Padding is also available. Specify color.

  • Post Pad
  • Custom Post Pad

Padding Colors

  • Scarlet
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Kelly Green
  • Forest Green
  • Royal
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Columbia Blue
  • Vegas Gold
  • Maroon
  • Cardinal
  • Burnt Orange
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
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