Bison® Qwik-Change™ Basketball Shooting Station

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Adjustable wall-mount systems at a very affordable price!

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Adjustable basketball goals are a great way to make sure every student is comfortable taking a shot! These goals are more than just accommodating for varying levels of age and skill; they’re also space-saving and incredibly durable, to help you optimize space in your gymnasium. Graphite and acrylic backboard options are available.

Adjustable Design

When younger students need the accommodations of a basketball goal that fits their height and skills, and older, more skilled players demand the challenge of a regulation goal, this wall mounted adjustable basketball goal is the answer. With an extensive range of height options, raising or lowering the difficulty level (and the hoop) between PE classes is easier than ever. This design requires only a broom handle to quickly push up or pull down the hoop!

A hoop height that correlates with student ages and basketball proficiency allows beginners to be comfortable with the game while they develop skills, and also plays to the strengths of seasoned players, helping them boost their mechanics and polish fundamentals.

  • Adjust from 7’6” to 10’H in increments of 6” to accommodate a wide range of players.
  • Thanks to the adjustability of this goal, it’s great for institutional settings with varying ages and skill levels.

Space-Saving Accommodation

Many PE areas are tight on space and it’s hard to justify mounting yet another basketball hoop, or even setting up standards. These wall-mounted adjustable basketball goals answer the critical problem of conserving space by mounting directly to the wall!

  • Extending 22” forward at the 10’H level, this goal offers plenty of safe space to play and practice in, without encroaching on your gymnasium’s other installations.
  • Mounts on the wall when space doesn’t allow for a pole or basketball standard.

Two Backboard Styles

  • Graphite backboards are fan-shaped and meet official size requirements. This goal offers an entry-level, highly economical price point for those looking for a reliable adjustable system. Graphite easily stands up to the constant impact of banked shots and won’t suffer any wear and tear when it comes to institutional stress.
  • Acrylic backboards are more durable than graphite and offer a truer rebound. Available as square-shaped and in official, regulation size, they offer the same translucent appearance of glass backboards, yet are more economical and budget friendly.

Both backboard systems feature a goal (with net) that’s directly mounted to the steel structure of the system, ensuring it’s ready to endure even the heaviest abuse. They’re slam dunk ready!

Bison® Qwik-Change™ Basketball Shooting Station Options

Bison® Qwik-Change™ Basketball Shooting Stations are available in 2 styles.

  • Graphite, 85 lb
  • Acrylic, 100 lb