Bison® T-Rex™ Portable Basketball Systems

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The best basketball systems for competition play!

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Designed to support competitive play and high-intensity basketball games, these court systems are simply a top-of-the-line solution for portable basketball standards. Designed for stability and incredible performance, no other system comes close to delivering the sustainable reliability of these units. Two options treat you to a tailored approach to outfitting your space, and a myriad of padding colors helps highlight your school spirit.

Two Top Quality Models

  • Bison® T-Rex™ 54 SR basketball court systems are perfect for situations when space or resources are limited, but official 72″W glass backboards are a must! This system offers a great balance: what it lacks in size, it makes up for in playability across a full 54″ of safe play area. This allows the base to be 6″ outside the end line of an official court, allowing it to fit into gyms where other systems won’t!
  • 96 Main-Court Systems are competition ready! They feature official 42″H x 72″W unbreakable competition glass backboards, an innovative 180° breakaway goal, and a full 96″ of safe play area from backboard to base, as specified by the NCAA and NHSF. A new deadlock tensioning device adds even greater system rigidity for playability and reliability. Additional standard features include padding for the underside of beam, a rear hold down kit, supplemental beam support, and double rear caster running gear.

Crank handle lift system easily adjusts goal height from 5’ to 10'H in infinite increments. Height marker on back of system shows the height of the hoop. Offers all the same ‘all in one’ components of a permanent system, with the added benefit of allowing individuals to play the sport without being limited to a particular court or park like with a fixed basketball hoop.

Designed for Stability

Even in the face of high-intensity, super-competitive play, these goals won’t shudder, shake, or tip. Ballasts of 950 and 1000 lb keep them always upright and never moving, and our 96 Main-Court Systems even feature floor hold downs for additional stability! Students can lay up shots, dunk, or alley-oop their way to victory with this goal all the while standing strong.

Even setup and takedown offer a degree of stability that makes it easy to ensure the system is in proper working order or ready for storage. Extension spring technology is the same spring technology used almost exclusively in collegiate Division I and professional arenas, and makes setup and takedown a one-person job! There’s also no need for extensive maintenance—pivot points have zero maintenance, and the system features self-lubricating bearings and large diameter pivot pins for smooth up-and-down operation and superior system rigidity.

  • Features wheels under the base so no tipping is necessary to roll it in and out of the gym or multipurpose room with ease. Once in place, wheels lock for stability during play.
  • Unit folds down for compact storage and easier moving.
  • Tempered glass backboards are the highest quality backboard available, providing the best ball response on rebounds and are the best choice when quality is more important than price. Steel frame provides ultimate durability.
  • At its full height of 10', 32" setback keeps the rim out a safe distance from the base. The setback is the distance from the post to the backboard. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, but they also require more space. Shorter setbacks are better suited for smaller courts.
  • Durable, breakaway rim is official size, made of solid steel and mounted directly to structure to eliminate backboard stress.
  • 950 or 1,000 lb of hidden ballast weight is included to eliminate tip overs; weight is fully enclosed and padded for safety.
  • Assembly required.

Full-Color Padding

Choose from up to 16 colors for your hoop’s padding, to show case your school spirit on the basketball court. These basketball court systems are a great way to show visiting teams that they’re playing on your turf!

  • Full-front base and post padding is 2" thick urethane foam for superior protection to players from accidental run-ins with base and frame. Backboard is padded with DuraSkin® padding, which offers a smooth clean look that won’t fade or scratch off.
  • Custom color padding available to match school colors for a more unified look.
  • Meets NCAA, NFHS, and FIBA specifications.

Bison® T-Rex™ Portable Basketball System Options

Bison® T-Rex™ Portable Basketball Systems are available in 2 sizes, with 16 color options for padding. Truck delivery.

Size Options

  • T-Rex™ 54 SR Club System
  • T-Rex™ 96 Main-Court System
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