Bison® Telescoping Basketball Systems

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Telescoping systems let you decide how far from the wall you want the face of the backboard positioned, without the hassle (or cost) of a custom build!

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Telescoping basketball goals are great for conserving space within your gymnasium and offer the dual benefit of accommodating students of all ages and calibers. Their superior construction, functionality, and durability makes them one of the most complete adjustable systems we offer!

Space Saving Accommodation

When not in use, these wall-mounted adjustable basketball goals collapse conveniently against the wall for a non-invasive solution to keeping your gymnasium’s space optimally free for other activities. Instead of having to worry about complicated dropdown goals or large standards that impede crucial space, these goals bridge the gap between playing basketball and the other demands of your multi-use space.

Two systems allow you to pick the solution that’s most ideal for your space.

  • Stationary systems stay fixed and ready for game use on the wall, making them instantly accessible.
  • Side-Swing systems lock into place for basketball games or practices, but can be folded in either horizontal direction to keep them out of the way during other events.

Superior Durability

Thick 2" seamless steel tubing provides 33% more strength and rigidity as compared to similar systems, giving you the peace of mind that comes with an investment in durability! Extra heavy, solid steel machine pivot bushings with 5/8" grade 5 pivot bolts only compound the stability and sturdiness of these side fold wall mount basketball systems, as compared to others that may just have a hole drilled into the tubing!

Welded brackets and chain tensioning turnbuckle offer reinforced stability against institutional wear and tear. Rely on 100% welded joints and triple set screws to provide you with sustainable reliability, complete with fail-safe bolting that’s designed to offer supreme longevity from a system that’s sure to see abuse. A silver powder coated finish adds a brilliant shine to the entire mounting system for a sleek, professional finish that exudes quality.

These systems also include prefinished 2"x 8" timbers, predrilled and ready for mounting, along with chains, backboard, goal net, and complete instructions for installation. Tempered glass backboards are the highest quality backboards available, and provide the best ball response on rebounds. They’re the best choice when quality is more important than price!

Adjustable Goal

These are the only lateral-moving wall mounted adjustable basketball goals we offer, and the only telescoping systems that move the backboard and goal closer to or further from the wall. This extreme depth of adjustability makes them perfect for institutional settings, where all ages and skill levels share 1 space. Position goals based on the capabilities of your students and watch as they become more comfortable, and acclimated, with playing basketball.

Bison® Telescoping Basketball System Options

Bison® Telescoping Basketball Systems are available in 2 varieties and 3 sizes with 16 color options available for padding. Specify color on padding. Truck delivery.

  • System Type
    • Stationary Systems
    • Side-Swing Systems
  • Size
    • 4’-6’, 483 lb
    • 6’-8’, 508 lb
    • 8’-12’, 424 lb
  • Padding Colors
    • Scarlet
    • Orange
    • Gold
    • Kelly Green
    • Forest Green
    • Royal
    • Navy
    • Purple
    • Columbia Blue
    • Vegas Gold
    • Maroon
    • Cardinal
    • Burnt Orange
    • Brown
    • Gray
    • Black