Bison® Unbreakable Glass Backboard

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The only unbreakable glass backboard design that relieves 98% of stress to the entire system.

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The durability and resilience of this Bison® backboard is unsurpassed, offering incredible construction that will stand up to even the roughest play! Backboards come ready to install with pre-drilled mounting slots, and 2 sizes make it possible to choose the ideal option for your space.

Superior Support Structure

What makes this basketball rim and backboard so unique is that the goal is mounted "off glass," to relieve stress on the backboard by helping to ensure that, even during the most intense play, users are safe from any breaking of glass. Because of this unique mounting, this is the toughest backboard we offer!

Supporting the actual mounting is yet another durable safety feature: a high strength steel support structure that relieves 98% of stress to the entire system, without transferring stress to the glass. Construction will hold up to excessive slamming or even hanging after dunks, minimizing any vibration or stress that may otherwise negatively impact the glass.

Easy to Mount

These units come pre-drilled for quick mounting, and offer defined guides for installing both padding and goals, as well as the overall backboard. Individual backboards come ready to hang and can be secured in place with minimal effort thanks to the pre-slotted design. Complete packages take marginally more time, with padding sliding nearly into place, which can be secured via designated hole patterns.


  • ½” thick glass backboard, used by collegiate and professional basketball programs across North America. It offers unmatched durability and is virtually unbreakable!
  • 72”W is the industry standard for indoor backboards.
  • Rectangle design is the preferred shape for high school, college, and professional competition. It provides more room for play and bank shots than fan-shaped backboards.
  • NCAA and NFHS approved.
  • Complete Package offer includes DuraSkin® padding. Molded-urethane foam is 2” thick and bolts directly into the backboard frame, protecting users and equipment from contact with sharp edges. It offers a smooth, clean look and is available in 14 colors.

Bison® Unbreakable Glass Backboard Options

Bison® Unbreakable Glass Backboards are available in 2 sizes, as standalone backboards or in Complete Packages that include foam padding. Specify color on padding. Truck delivery.

  • Backboards
    • 72”W x 42”H, 210 lb
    • 72”W x 48”H, 240 lb
  • Complete Packages
    • Pkg w/ 42”H, 237 lb
    • Pkg w/ 48”H, 275 lb

Padding Colors

  • Cardinal
  • Gray
  • Scarlet
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Royal
  • Orange
  • Colombia Blue
  • Burnt Orange
  • Navy
  • Kelly Green
  • Purple
  • Forest Green
  • Brown
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