Bison® Wall-Mount Removable-Goal Basketball Systems

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Turn your wall into a backboard with this removable basketball goal!

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When teaching basketball on a budget or have space constraints that prevent use of larger goals and standards, these official size wall-mounting goals are the way to go! A supremely economical investment, they’re easy to install or remove, offering you convenience when it’s practice time or time to utilize your space for another activity.

Supremely Economical

When your PE budget or gymnasium space doesn’t allow for basketball standards, telescoping wall mounts, or other comprehensive basketball goal systems, this removable basketball goal is a simple, convenient, and highly cost-effective solution! Custom wall mounts or full-size standards can be extremely costly, however when juxtaposed with this basic wall mount, they both teach students the fundamentals of shooting and rebounding.

Convenient Installation

In addition to maximizing your return on investment for your PE budget, this removable basketball goal is also great for conserving space. It’s the only system we offer that completely removes from the wall when not in use, leaving behind only the mounting plate. When your basketball unit is over this goal opens up plenty of space for other activities. Sliding in and out of the mounting plate, the entire goal attaches and detaches in seconds!

Bison® Wall-Mount Removable-Goal Basketball System Options

Bison® Wall-Mount Removable-Goal Basketball Systems are available in 2 varieties. Includes bracket, goal, and net. Mounting hardware not included.

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  • Double