Bison® ZipCrank™ Adjustable Systems

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A compact system perfect for any space!

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When space is limited, these in-ground adjustable basketball hoops are the solution! Featuring our shortest setback and a front adjust system, you’ll have no trouble maximizing the space of your outdoor court to provide students with a reliable, durable hoop. Two backboard options are available.

Compact, Safe Design

With our smallest setback depth of just 2-1/2’, these in-ground adjustable basketball hoops are best placed where court space is drastically limited. The shorter setback requires less space be dedicated to the hoop installation itself, while more precious square footage can be utilized by the players. In this way even short courts will seem larger as students make the most of their practice area.

Despite the shorter setback, students are protected by pole padding that absorbs any impact and cushions student run-ins, absolving them of the pain that would otherwise come with contact with an exposed metal pole.

  • In-ground systems are more stable than portable systems, as they’re installed in the ground to stand firm against all levels of play. Unlike portable systems, there’s no risk of tipping over.
  • 30” setback area keeps the rim a safe distance from the base. Shorter setbacks are ideal for short courts and smaller play areas.
  • Post padding protects players from accidental run-ins with the frame.

Easy Adjustability

Thanks to a front crank system this hoop can easily be adjusted from 7’6” to 10’H in mere seconds, with an infinite number of heights in between to meet the demands of your students. Raise the hoop up to its fullest for your older students who need a challenge, or drop it down low for younger players or focused skill testing, where difficulty may be a hindrance. Because the system is adjusted from the front, it can be installed closer to fences, buildings, and other fixtures to better maximize the installation space. The crank removes when not in use.

  • Adjustable system allows players of all ages and skill levels to play on the same hoop.
  • Removable crank handle adjusts height from 7’6” to 10'H in infinite increments to adapt to different skill levels.

Uncompromising Durability

Constructed with a thick 5” steel post, you’ll never have to worry about the elements or your students getting the best of this hoop. Complementing the rigid central structure of the hoop, the backboard is also reinforced with a aluminum frame. This ensures that as balls are banked off of the backboard and cause vibration, the durable nature of the hoop won’t be compromised. Aluminum also works to prevent rusting that might endanger the integrity of the system.

  • Thick, 5" square steel tubing, although heavier, is the strongest post in our assortment, complete with a powder-coated finish, which creates a harder surface that’s tougher than conventional paint and is longer lasting and more resistant to chipping, scratching, or fading in outdoor conditions.
  • Glass backboard is the highest quality backboard available and provides the best ball response on rebounds, as well as better overall playability.
  • Durable breakaway rim is official sized and constructed of solid steel. This goal closely resembles goals used on indoor systems, and offers a slight flex or “give” for slam dunking and heavy play.

Bison® ZipCrank™ Adjustable System Options

Bison® ZipCrank™ Adjustable Systems are available in 2 backboard materials.

  • Clear Glass
  • Smoked Glass
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