Bison® ZipCrank™ Height Adjustment Basketball Systems

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Adjust the height of the goal in a zip with a smooth-operating, adjustable basketball system!

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The movable framework slides up and down on two chrome-plated rods for a smooth transition from youth to adult play in less than a minute. Easy-to-read height indicators make adjustments between 8' to 10'H quick and simple.

The electronic system operates with a hard wired wall mounted key switch that makes adjustments hassle-free. The manual system uses a hand crank to adjust height.

The powder-coated gray finish gives the system a sleek look while providing extra durability. This system is designed to be installed between the backboard and its corresponding support structure. If adding this system to an existing court, the backboard will be moved 4¼" toward the free throw line.

Both the manual and electronic system have two sizes for basketball backboards. Choose between 72"W x 42"H or 72"W x 48"H. 175 lb. Assembly required. Backboard sold separately.