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Our most affordable 3-1/2" dia post system is perfect for elementary and middle schools.

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When you require a basic, yet effective method for playing basketball outdoors, these Classic Systems are unsurpassed. Without the bells and whistles of more advanced systems, they provide true playability and responsiveness, and offer a focused foray into mechanics and fundamentals for new players. Their design translates skills from a small court space to a full court setting for more meaningful approach to practicing.

Safe for Smaller Spaces

Many outdoor courts are smaller than a competitive play surface, which means they demand a hoop system that’s accommodating of this confined area. Thanks to a shorter 3’ setback, this goal is ideal at maximizing available playing space, while also keeping students safe. Your players will be able to practice playing close to the goal without fear of bumping into the goal, while also being able to practice longer plays, such as 3-point shooting and extended passing. The hoop design expands the court, allowing you to utilize every available space.

  • In-ground systems are more stable than portable systems, as they’re installed in the ground to stand firm against all levels of play. Unlike portable systems, there’s no risk of tipping over.
  • 3’ setback area keeps the rim a safe distance from the base. Shorter setbacks are ideal for short courts and smaller play areas.

True Playing System

Because there are no bells and whistles or overly complicated components to this system, it remains one of the truest playing models we offer. Students will find a straightforward approach to basketball from these outdoor basketball goals, which helps to build confidence in core skills and refine technique in a way that translates onto the court in competitive games. This hoop will perform as expected, giving players and coaches a realistic representation of what to expect when the game moves indoors.

  • Aluminum backboard is tough, rustproof, and the lightest in weight, but does not offer the truest playability as compared to others.
  • Steel backboard is 12-gauge steel and provides more durability than that of the aluminum option.
  • Single rim goal offers truer play, as the single rim offers less bounce/rebound than a double rim. This style of rim transfers better to indoor courts, as a single rim is used in competitive indoor play.
  • Front, direct mounting goal is installed directly on to the backboard and offers no flexibility or “play.” This provides the most durability to the goal attachment.

Great Durability

As with all outdoor basketball goals, this system places a premium on resilience in the face of both outdoor weather elements and fast-paced student play. Though the goal itself is designed for light institutional use and is perfect for developing players, it’ll stand strong in the face of high winds, heavy rain, sunlight, and even snow and ice. Both of its backboard material options—aluminum and steel—are highly resilient, to provide great playability and durability.

  • These systems can handle any weather conditions the outdoors might bring with them!
  • 3-1/2” galvanized steel post makes these systems ideal for light institutional use. Galvanized steel posts also have a protective zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Classic System Options

Classic Systems are available in 2 backboard materials and 2 color styles. Truck delivery.

  • Aluminum Backboards
  • White, 145 lb
  • Target, 145 lb
  • Steel Backboards
  • White, 185 lb
  • Target, 215 lb
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