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Thick 4-1/2" post system with double-rim goal increases durability.

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Take the durability of Classic Systems one step further with a thicker pole construction and a chain net! These hoops stand up to full court play outdoors and are among our most durable in-ground basketball goals. Choose from 2 backboard materials to deliver quality play.

Great Durability

Against the sun, wind, rain, and other weather conditions that these in-ground basketball goals are sure to face, their incredibly durable construction will stand strong. This is the only system to feature a chain net in place of a nylon mesh net, which equates to an overall longer life and better performance from the hoop in the face of the elements. The chain netting is also complemented by a 4-1/2” galvanized steel post, which offers incredible stability and durability to the entire system. The double rim goal serves to round out its resilience, proving durable against even fast-paced institutional play.

  • Front, direct mounting goal is installed directly on to the backboard and offers no flexibility or “play.” This provides the most durability to the goal attachment.
  • Double rim goal looks like 2 rims welded together. This design provides a stronger, more durable goal as compared to single rim goals. However, while a double rim goal is stronger, it is tougher to play on, as the playability is different than a single rim, which is used for competitive play. Many will argue that practicing and playing on double rims will perfect your shooting technique, as there is little room for error!

Two Backboard Options

Choose from 2 backboard materials, with your choice of white or target-painted options. White backboards are easy to see and shoot at against the blue sky, glaring sun, or under cloud cover. Target-painted backboards are great for teaching students the fundamentals of aiming and provide a frame of reference when tossing up shots from all angles. Both backboards are fan shaped.

  • Aluminum backboard is tough, rustproof, and the lightest in weight, but does not offer the truest playability as compared to others.
  • Steel backboard is 12-gauge steel and provides more durability than that of the aluminum option.

Full Court Stability

Because of the thicker 4-1/2” pole construction and deeper 4’ setback length, this goal system works at a full-court capacity with confidence. The deeper setback enables fast-paced play near the goal itself, while the thicker pole will remain stable and sturdy in the face of heavy wear and tear from more proficient players.

  • In-ground systems are more stable than portable systems, as they’re installed in the ground to stand firm against all levels of play. Unlike portable systems, there’s no risk of tipping over.
  • 4’ setback area keeps the rim a safe distance from the base. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, however they require more space.

ClassicPlus™ System Options

ClassicPlus™ Systems are available in 2 backboard materials and 2 color styles. Truck delivery.

  • Aluminum Backboards
  • White, 215 lb
  • Target, 215 lb
  • Steel Backboards
  • White, 240 lb
  • Target, 270 lb
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