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Defender™ Rubber Basketballs

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The toughest, most durable rubber basketball you can buy!

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There’s nothing fancy about this ball, it’s simply an exceptionally tough ball built for extreme use! It features an outer layer of top-grade rubber for strength and durability over a second layer of rubber for added cushion and comfort. This is our toughest rubber ball available.

Two Layers of Rubber

Thanks to a double layered rubber cover, this ball is waterproof and extremely durable, especially when used on asphalt, concrete, or pavement. Its premium nylon windings further enhance this durability and shape retention. A butyl bladder on the interior retains air for game after game to cut down on the amount of times you have to inflate it.  This is a must-have ball to handle rough playground play.

  • Perfect for park and rec programs, PE classes, and recess, this ball will hold up much longer than other standard rubber balls.
  • The rubber cover features a tacky grip for better control while passing, shooting, and dribbling.
  • Rainbow® Sets of 6 are great for class or practice organization. Easily separate students into groups based on the color of ball they are using. The blue group, for example, could work on shooting, while the yellow group works on bounce passing.
  • The ball comes in 3 sizes, making it perfect for most users. Size 5 is meant for elementary school students, Size 6 for junior high students and older, and Size 7 for high school students and men’s games.

Defender™ Rubber Basketball Options

Defender™ Rubber Basketballs are available in 3 sizes in Rainbow® Sets of 6 and individually in tan.

  • Quantity/Color
  • Individual Tan
  • Rainbow® Sets of 6
  • Size
  • Size 5, Junior
  • Size 6, Intermediate
  • Size 7, Official
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