Basketball Dribble Aid

Prevents player from looking down at the ball.


Learning to dribble a basketball without looking has never been easier to learn thanks to these dribbling goggles! With partial blinders that encourage students to keep their head up, they’ll get a feel for ball handling at a subconscious level, leading to a higher level of confidence and better performance on the court. One size fits all.


Develop Skills Properly

These basketball dribbling glasses feature a bottom portion of the lens that’s blocked off, making it impossible for students to see the ball while they dribble it without putting their head down. In obstructing a student’s vision and forcing them to keep their head up, they’ll learn to rely on touch and feel when dribbling a basketball! Over time, this motion will become second nature, helping students keep their eye upwards and focused in front of them, on avoiding a defender or setting up for a shot.

Increase Confidence

As students become comfortable with the idea of not looking down while they dribble they’ll start to become confident in their abilities, and will find that many movements come second nature to them. Not having to think about dribbling or diverting their attention to look down on the ball will leave students free to stay one step ahead of the competition, positioning themselves for shots, passing the ball to an open teammate, or predicting other player movements before they happen.

Fits Any Student

Thanks to an elastic head strap, these are a one-size-fits-all solution that will fit any student. Soft plastic cups are also comfortable over the eyes and on the face, making them completely non-intimidating for younger students. The innovative cupped design of the blinders means there’s no way around them, which makes these goggles a great training tool no matter the proficiency level of the player.

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