Gared® Aluminum Fan-Shaped Backboards

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Lightweight, maintenance-free aluminum will never rust.

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The only aluminum backboard we offer, trust this material to yield optimal longevity in even the most abrasive of situations. Its fan shape mounts securely to ensure maximum consistency, while its overall design is conducive to smaller courts and non-competition situations.

Multiple Mounting Points

With 12 total mounting points incorporated into the construction of this backboard for basketball, you’ll have no trouble setting it up based on your current hardware. The mounting framework is easy to understand and offers plenty of opportunities to ensure a secure mount, lending peace of mind when you step back to admire your new hoop. Shots bouncing off of the backboard won’t rattle it loose, meaning it’ll deliver consistent reliability over the long term.

Durable Construction

In the face of institutional wear and outdoor weather conditions, you can rely on this installation to stand strong and perform admirably. Its powder-coated aluminum frame ensures it remains stable against vibrations from banked shots or the force of high winds, and moisture and sunlight won’t have any success in permeating the powder coated finish.


  • Casted aluminum alloy backboard is a lightweight alternative as compared to steel, yet still provides excellent durability and is rustproof, to better withstand outdoor elements.
  • Fan-shaped design offers a streamlined, non-competitive option that is often used for side courts where space is precious. It does not offer as much space for bank shots as a rectangular backboard.

Gared® Aluminum Backboard Options

Gared® Aluminum Backboards are available in 2 finishes. Truck delivery.

  • Plain White Finish, 49 lb
  • Orange Border/Target, 49 lb
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