Gared® Glass Collegiate Backboard

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Shock-absorbent molding between the glass and steel frame for safety and long life.

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A high-end backboard that’s extremely durable and incredibly safe, the Gared® Collegiate Glass Backboard is a welcome addition to any institutional setting where fast-paced play demands basketball backboard glass that’s resilient enough to stand strong. This official-sized backboard is ready to take any shot, layup, or dunk that your players will throw at it.

Top-Tier Frame Construction

The superior caliber of the fired in steel frame of this basketball goal backboard makes it a premium choice among other steel-framed backboards, and among other Gared® brand models. The incredible durability of its design and clear emphasis on long-term reliability and safety makes it a smart bet for institutional settings where the prospect for fast-paced play by older students is high.

  • ½” thick glass backboard, used by collegiate and professional basketball programs across North America. It offers unmatched durability and is virtually unbreakable!
  • Fired in steel frame provides support to the backboard, making it able to withstand over 1100 lb of direct force! This is far more than that of an aluminum frame, which start to fail at around 700 lb of force.
  • Frame is powder coated to prevent oxidation and increase the backboard's longevity.


  • 72”W is the industry standard for indoor backboards.
  • Fired in white border and shooter square will not fade or wear over time, giving players a clear mark to shoot for.
  • Rectangle design is the preferred shape for high school, college, and professional competition. It provides more room for play and bank shots than fan-shaped backboards.
  • Complete Package offer includes padding. Molded-urethane foam is 2” thick and bolts directly into the backboard frame, protecting users and equipment from contact with sharp edges. It offers a smooth, clean look and is available in 10 different colors.
  • Unit comes pre-drilled for easier installation of both padding and goal to the backboard, as well as when it comes time to mount.
  • NCAA and NFHS approved specifications.
  • Complete Packages include Gared® Collegiate 2000 Plus goal, a front mount breakaway goal designed to offer "give" and flex during play for safer use thanks to an upgraded positive lock breakaway mechanism.

Gared® Collegiate Glass Backboard Options

Gared® Collegiate Glass Backboards are available as standalone backboards or in Complete Packages that include foam padding. Specify color on padding. Truck delivery.

  • Backboards and Accessories
    • 72”W x 42”H, 226 lb
    • 72”W x 48”H, 239 lb
    • Gared® Padding
  • Complete Packages
    • Pkg w/ 42”H, 257 lb
    • Pkg w/ 48”H, 270 lb
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