Gared® Front-Mount Double-Rim Basketball Goal

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Double-rim, reinforced fixed goal stands up to tough outdoor play.

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Designed for outdoor hoop systems and all the abuse that follows them, trust in a steel net and double rim goal to provide your players with lasting practice opportunities. 

Incredible Durability

Our only goal that features a chain net, you can expect nothing short of incredible durability and longevity from this playground basketball hoop. Ideal for outdoor systems or those that will be utilized without supervision, chain will absorb the abuse that can come with extended wear and tear over a longer period of time.

Supporting the chain net is a double rim goal, which offers its own degree of resilience and durability. Double rim goals offer no flex and are rigidly resilient, unwavering under the pressure of big plays. Because double rims don’t need to be reset after dunks or the impact of shots bouncing off the rim, they’re able to function perfectly without any intervention.


  • Primarily for non-competitive play and often called "fixed" rims, they attach directly to the backboard and don't release when pressure is applied. This means not having to reset after big plays, as you would have to with a breakaway hoop
  • Features a double rim design! Double rim goals look like 2 rims welded together and provides a stronger, more durable goal as compared to single rim goals. While a double rim goal is stronger, it is tougher to play on and many will argue that practicing and playing on these rims is a great way to perfect shooting technique, as there is little room for error.
  • Mounting plate measures 5” x 4”.

Gared® Front-Mount Double-Rim Basketball Goal Options

Gared® Front-Mount Double-Rim Basketball Goals are available in 2 net materials.

  • Goal w/ Nylon Net
  • Goal w/ Steel Net
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