Gared® Glass Conversion Backboard

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Easy, one-step conversion from a fan-shaped or small glass backboard to a 72"W x 42"H rectangular backboard.

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When the time comes to upgrade your basketball facilities from cost-effective fan-shaped backboards to lasting, quality, officially-approved rectangle ones, there’s no better unit to bridge the gap. These systems mount with ease and provide all of the benefits of a rectangle backboard you expect, without overcomplicating the installation process. 

Easy Conversion from Fan Backboards

Converting your fan-shaped backboards to a standardized rectangle option for league-approved play has never been easier! Designed to fit existing hardware and installations, Conversion backboards provide a quick and reliable transition to square backboards. Simply remove your fan-shaped backboard, keep the mounting equipment in place, and outfit your space with these high school basketball backboards for an NCAA and NFHS approved shooting experience.

  • 72”W is the industry standard for indoor backboards.
  • Fired in white border and shooter square will not fade or wear over time, giving players a clear mark to shoot for.
  • NCAA and NFHS approved specifications.
  • Rectangle design is the preferred shape for high school, college, and professional competition. It provides more room for play and bank shots than fan-shaped backboards.

Superior Durability

Glass backboards are the pinnacle for strength and durability on basketball courts, which makes them a superior investment for institutions concerned with quality play. These backboards for basketball hoops are shatterproof and incredibly resistant to heavy abuse that can come with fast-paced play. A steel frame serves to complement durability even more, offering an unsurpassed resilience that will offer true play and safety to your players for years to come.

  • ½” thick glass backboard, used by collegiate and professional basketball programs across North America. It offers unmatched durability and is virtually unbreakable!
  • Fired in steel frame provides support to the backboard, making it able to withstand over 1100 lb of direct force! This is far more than that of an aluminum frame, which start to fail at around 700 lb of force.


  • Unit comes pre-drilled for easier installation of both padding and goal to the backboard, as well as when it comes time to mount.
  • Complete Package offer includes padding. Molded-urethane foam is 2” thick and bolts directly into the backboard frame, protecting users and equipment from contact with sharp edges. It offers a smooth, clean look and is available in 10 different colors.

Gared® Glass Conversion Backboard Options

Gared® Glass Conversion Backboards are available as standalone backboards or in a Complete Packages that include foam padding. Specify color on padding. Truck delivery.

  • Backboard and Padding
    • 72”W x 42”H, 220 lb
    • Gared® Padding
  • Complete Package
    • Pkg w/ 42”H, 297 lb

Padding Colors

  • Cardinal
  • Gray
  • Scarlet
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Royal
  • Navy
  • Kelly Green
  • Purple
  • Forest Green
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