Gared 180 Multi-Directional Basketball Goals

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Highly durable breakaway basketball rim for all levels of play!

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These breakaway basketball rims deliver high-quality structural support for any type of basketball facility. Gared's exclusive 3-way positive lock mechanism ensures top-of-line safety for all players. This unique design allows the goal to break away in any direction using even force.

The rim is built to withstand the high demand of competitive play while delivering a strong and sturdy goal for all levels of competition. Each rim includes a 3/8" single ring goal, full steel wing braces, adjustable internal springs, and a high performance breakaway mechanism. The hole patterns on these goals make it compatible with all types of 72"W x 42"H backboards. Each goal also includes an official anti-whip net built to withstand thousands of shots without breaking or getting tangled.

These goals are made with a CPSC tested orange powder-coat for an environmentally safe finish. Both meet all official regulations of the NCAA, NFHS, and NAIA. The 4000I is also approved for international play.