Gared® Rear Mount

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Heavy-duty rim construction for lasting durability.

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For a reliable, lasting rim solution, befitting of your fan-shaped, outdoor backboards, there’s no better option than Gared’s® premier rear-mounting option. Leveraging the stability of the backboard, without marring its face, these goals prove sturdy and durable, without sacrificing game play.

Rear-Mounting Goal

Connecting from behind to the backboard, this unique basketball rim replacement preserves the front face of fan-shaped backboards and protects the entire assembly from any damage. Because the rim isn’t bolted directly to the face, the stress of slam dunks, layups, and other shots will not leave visible wear on the face of the backboard!

An incredibly durable “L” design makes this one of our strongest rims as well. The shape leverages the backboard itself when it comes to supporting weight on the front of the rim, which acts as a lever to retain shape and position.

This rim mounts exclusively with 54” x 35” fan-shaped backboards, and is for non-competitive play. Applicable for both indoor and outdoor systems and side courts.


  • Primarily for non-competitive play and often called "fixed" rims, they attach directly to the backboard and don't release when pressure is applied. This means not having to reset after big plays, as you would have to with a breakaway hoop
  • Steel wing braces, made of durable powder-coated steel, protect from chips or scratches and provide solid looping for net.
  • Continuous no-tie net makes it easy and quick to secure the net to the rim.

Gared® Rear-Mount Basketball Goal Options

Gared® Rear-Mount Basketball Goals are available in 2 varieties.

  • Single Rim
  • Double Rim
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