Gared® Rear-Mount Systems

Goal mounts directly to post with no backboard contact, reducing backboard vibration and increasing stability.


Offering a great mixture of longevity, durability, playability, and versatility, with a price point that’s ideal for budget-conscious institutions, these rear-mounting outdoor goals pay for themselves in the quality opportunities they offer your students. Choose from 2 style court systems, with the confidence that the superior rear-mounting goal and resilient backboard will stand up to all levels of play and any outdoor elements.

Rear-Mounted Goal

Our only outdoor, in-ground basketball hoop that features a rear-mounting goal, this system offers an additional depth of durability and consistency in the face of outdoor, institutional play. Student shots won’t jar this hoop or cause it to vibrate like other front-mounting systems, which means better reliability shot after shot. This also helps to improve the longevity of the system, where other goals and backboards may be affected by vibration over time, weakening their mounting points. Single rim and double rim goals are both available.

  • Rear mounted, fixed goal is directly mounted to the post, as compared to the backboard. This provides not only additional durability, but also more stability during shots. There is less vibration from the hoop to the backboard, as it is a completely separate unit.
  • Single rim goal offers truer play, as the single rim offers less bounce/rebound than a double rim. This style of rim transfers better to indoor courts, as a single rim is used in competitive indoor play. Double rim provides a stronger, more durable goal as compared to single rim goals. However, while a double rim goal is stronger, it is tougher to play on, as the playability is different than a single rim, which is used for competitive play. Many will argue that practicing and playing on double rims will perfect your shooting technique, as there is little room for error!

Short and Full Court Options

Choose a thinner 3-1/2” pole diameter and shallower 3’ setback for your outdoor spaces that are more confined. This setup is great for short courts and younger students, where every square foot of space is critical in teaching the fundamentals of the game. For full outdoor courts or older players with more fast-paced, experienced play styles, 4-1/2” poles and 4’ setbacks are ideal. These units offer more safety around the goal itself and are more resilient over the long term against both the elements and constant institutional abuse.

  • 3’ or 4’ setback area keeps the rim a safe distance from the base. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, however they require more space. Shorter setbacks are ideal for short courts and smaller play areas.
  • 3-1/2” and 4-1/2” galvanized steel post options makes these systems ideal for both light and heavy institutional use, depending on the choice. Galvanized steel posts also have a protective zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Great Return on Investment

Thanks to the overall longevity of an outdoor, in-ground basketball hoop, combined with the stability of this backboard and goal system, these units offer an ideal return on investment for institutions that are budget-conscious. They feature an amiable price point that’s well worth the superior construction and features this hoop offers!

Gared® Rear-Mount System Options

Gared® Rear-Mount Systems are available in 2 pole sizes. Truck delivery.

  • 3-1/2”, 242 lb
  • 4-1/2”, 292 lb
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