Goalsetter® Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Systems

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Complete space-saving systems in your choice of glass or acrylic backboards.

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Ready for basketball players of all ages, these basketball goals are adjustable and easy to use, making them the perfect solution for PE classes and recreational settings with varying age groups and proficiency levels. Extreme durability means you can rely on them over the long term, and 2 backboard material options give you the choice of quality at a great value.

Adjustable for All Ages

Because this goal can be lowered as far down as 6’H, it’s great for teaching the basics of shooting and rebounding to younger players who are just getting started with the game. At its maximum height of 10’H, this goal also serves as a reliable standard for proficient players, mimicking the specifications of a regulation hoop. Within itself, this goal is perfect for the full gamut of students who might be playing basketball within your institutional setting, regardless of age or skill level. An easy-to-read height indicator lets you know your exact goal height!

  • Mounts to the wall when space doesn’t allow for a pole or basketball standard.
  • Adjusts from 6' to 10' in 6" increments, accommodating a wide range of players.
  • Thanks to the adjustability of this goal, it works in a school setting and can accommodate younger athletes who need a lower goal to start with, all the way up to more skilled athletes who need regulation height.

Superior Durability

Fabricated with institutional durability in mind, you can count on this adjustable wall-mount basketball goal system to endure over the long term. Everything is rooted to a 1-1/5" square structural steel backboard frame and adjoining wall anchor frame that utilizes 7 gauge (3/16" thick) angle iron for the most solid structure. Not only does this offer tremendous durability, it also helps improve the playability of balls bouncing off of the backboard!

When it comes time to adjust everything, nylon bushings at each pivot point offer smooth transitions and help to avoid mechanical wear and complications. The height of the goal is adjusted via a convenient, connected crank system and doesn’t require any additional tools to adjust, lowering the potential for user-error and de-complicating the adjustment process.

Two Backboard Options

  • Acrylic backboards offer the same translucent appearance of glass backboards, but weigh less and offer a price point that’s more amiable to your PE budget. Acrylic is more durable than graphite, fiberglass, or molded plastic backboards, and will offer a truer rebounding action during play.
  • Glass backboards are the highest quality backboards available, offering superior resilience and reliability over time and in the face of heavy wear. Glass also provides the best ball response on rebounds and better playability overall.

Both backboards feature a 3’ overhang to distance them from the wall, creating a larger, safer play area than other, similar systems.

Goalsetter® Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball System Options

Goalsetter® Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Systems are available in 2 materials, in 3 sizes. Truck delivery.

  • Material
    • Glass
    • Acrylic
  • Sizes/Weight (Grass/Acrylic)
  • 54”W x 36”H, 225 lb/220 lb
  • 60”W x 38”H, 260 lb/250 lb
  • 72”W x 42”H, 285 lb/260 lb
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