JB Basketball Rebounder

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Allows the ball to stay in play during drills so players can develop rebounding, jumping, and reaction skills.

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To keep basketballs in play and teach your students the art of proper rebounding, this simple solution is a must-have for any PE teacher or recreational coach. This basketball hoop rebounder can be used with virtually any hoop and doesn’t require hardware or tools to install. It’ll stand up to heavy abuse and years of rebounding!

Teach Rebounding Skills

Great rebounding can be the decision-maker in close basketball games, making it important for your players to understand the dynamics of going up for free balls and coming down with them safely. This basketball hoop rebounder plugs the hoop to make sure every shot ricochets off and into the hands of one of your players as you get them moving towards the basket.

As this basketball shot rebounder sends balls sailing back into play your students will learn the basics of ball tracking and how to adapt their positioning to body out other players who might also be going up for the ball. They’ll also learn to anticipate rebound trajectories and will be able to best position themselves in the area for a great recovery.

Simple Design

Unlike other rebounders that require you to snap them onto the rim or bolt them in place, this plug-style unit fits snugly atop the goal to block it entirely, without needing additional securing. As basketballs rebound, it stays in place and won’t jostle around! The rebounder fits all standard-sized rims.

Great Durability

For use with both indoor and outdoor hoops, rely on this basketball hoop rebounder to stand strong against a constant barrage of balls! Its polyurethane construction is incredibly resilient in the face of abuse as compared to plastic, for a more solid piece of equipment that will stand up to institutional settings. It’s also designed to be higher load bearing than conventional rubbers making it great against impact and jarring. Resistant to sunlight and general weather conditions, you’ll never have to worry about it holding up to outdoor practices!