Lace-Up Post Pads

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Durable 1-1/2" thick padding protects players and looks great!

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Ensure the safety of your players and the continued integrity of your basketball goals with this basketball goal post padding! Padding conveniently laces up to provide coverage for the front and sides of the post, minimizing injury. Two pad sizes and 5 color options are available.

Improves Safety

Steel posts can be a dangerous prospect for overzealous basketball players—especially when it comes to great layups or critical rebounds. This basketball goal pad mitigates the potential for injury by adding 1-1/2” thick layer of foam to the front and sides of the post, cushioning the blow of any impact. Padding is cushioned enough to provide a light degree of safety for students coming into contact with it, yet won’t disrupt the game.

Economical Padding

Because this padding is simple, yet effective, it resides at the lower end of the price spectrum for basketball goal post padding, making it an appealing prospect for budget-conscious institutions. Two size options for padding fit a wide range of post diameters—2-4” and 4-6”—meaning a convenient solution to whatever installation you might have. The pre-curved padding wraps around posts and is tightened with laces in the back for a quick and easy installation that provides immediate protection for players. No special equipment is required!

Great Durability

A vinyl cover keeps foam protected against the outdoor elements, as well as any interference from students. Vinyl is resistant to moisture and sunlight, and won’t break down like lesser materials that could otherwise leave padding exposed to deterioration. Metal grommets holding the laces together also serve to add a depth of resilience to this padding, and will keep it securely in place at all times.

Lace-Up Post Pad Options

Lace-Up Post Pads are available in 2 sizes and 5 colors.

  • Size
  • 2-4” dia Posts (Pads are 14"W x 84"H)
  • 4-6” dia Posts (Pads are 26"W x 84"H)
  • Color
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black